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    Repair and Maintenance
Structure Failure and
Engineering Planning
    and Design
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Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Building Structure Maintenance
and Upgrading

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Port Repair & Rehabilitation
- 6 Berths (1092m-Long)
& 5 Access Bridges

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Jetty Inspection and Repair

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Evaluation of Conveyor Structure

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Assessment of Pre-War Building
affected by Tunnel Construction

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Civil and Structural Design
for Luxury Resort on Isolated Island

Welcome to T-Corp Engineers Consulting Engineers since 1998

Specialist Consultant in Inspection, Investigation, Monitoring, Assessment, Repair, Strengthening and Maintenance of existing building, plant, bridge, jetty, port and marine structure, as well as, Independent Design Check.

• Structure Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

Inspection, maintenance, monitoring and assessment to establish the existing condition of the structure in terms of structural integrity, stability, safety and serviceability:-

• Mandatory Building Inspection to "Street, Drainage and Building
   Act 1974 (Act 133) Amended 1994 (Act A903)"
• Upgrading or change in usage of structure
• Property transaction
• Periodical inspection for maintenance requirements
• Integrity management
• Structure repair, strengthening and protection
• Bridge inspection, maintenance and repair
• Jetty and wharf inspection, maintenance and repair

• Structure Failure and Damages

Failure and damage inspection, investigation, monitoring and assessment to evaluate the extent of damages inclusive detailed design of suitable and practical repair, rehabilitation, strengthening and protection measures:-

• Fire-damaged structure
• Corrosion-damaged structure
• Settlement-damaged structure
• Impact-damaged structure
• Concrete failure
   (crack, weak concrete, honeycombed concrete, carbonation, chloride
   attack, sulphate attack, ASR and DEF)
• Practical engineering solution to defective construction

• Engineering Planning and Design

• Upgrading of existing structure
• New structure

• Other Services

• Independent checker for civil, structural and geotechnical design
• Concrete technology (design, specification, production, construction
   and maintenance)
• Value engineering
• Life cycle evaluation of structure for systematic maintenance
• Structure maintenance manual
• Asset integrity management (structure)

• Type of Structure

• Multi-storey building, pre-war building and shopping complex
• Port, jetty and other marine structure
• Road and railway bridge
• Power plant and substation
• Oil and gas plant
• Resort and hotel
• Factory and warehouse

Worldwide Projects by TCESB Worldwide Projects by TCESB
Rehabilitation to Concrete Bridges

Strengthening to Bridge Superstructure

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Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Repair of
Fire-Damaged Structure

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Underwater Repair
to 91 Nos Corroded Steel Pile

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Steel Bridge Strengthening
by External Post-Tensioning

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Independent Design Check
of Iconic Double Curve Bridge

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Mandatory Periodical
Building Inspection

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Independent Structural
Design Check

Nationwide Projects by TCESB
Civil and Structural
Advisory Services

Inspection • Investigation • Assessment • Design • Repair • Rehabilitation • Strengthening • Maintenance •

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